Co-Service Writer

General Requirements:
• Two or more years experience in repair troubleshooting and or parts with a track record of success. Preferably in one of the following industries: Agricultural equipment, motor vehicle industry, outdoor power equipment, recreational vehicles, construction equipment and machinery, small engine and accessories. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
• Must be willing to work a normal 40 hours per week and longer hours as required to meet customer demands.
• Able to Lift and handle heavy loads up to 70 lbs. plus work outdoors and indoors in all weather…
• Must be proficient in parts lookup and servicing customers at the parts counter.
• Must have good organizational, multitasking and reasonable computer skills.

Target Responsibilities:
• Establish and remain the main contact with all service customers. Ensure that all service work is entered, scheduled, and accurately completed in the quickest possible time-frame.
• Present a friendly, positive attitude to all customers.
• Process and handle all work orders and warranty claims from start to finish.

Daily Duties and Responsibilities:
• Begin each workday with a positive attitude by encouraging each technician to meet their daily and weekly goals. Work to develop a sense of “team” in the service department and across other departments.
• Stage service work for technicians so they can reasonably achieve their daily goals.
• Reviews work orders for complete and accurate information. Determines work requirements and priorities.
• Ensures work orders are completed in a timely manner with all supporting documentation and complete details on the work order.
• Assists in the assignment of work based on the priorities established by management.
• Prepares technicians status reports, basic reports and time/activity logs.
• Maintains quality control on work performed during shift; monitors time standards; brings variances to the attention of management and makes corrections/updates as directed.
• Provide general diagnoses of repair and maintenance equipment problems for the customer and communicate this to the technician…
• Tracks and coordinates warranty work.
• Conducts customer survey follow-ups and reports results to management monthly.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Descriptions and Expectation – (Service Advisor- Writer) – Continued

Weekly Duties and Responsibilities:
• Meet with Management Team for departmental overviews of goals and objectives for the week. Discuss promotions and opportunities for the department as well as opportunities to exceed expectations.
• Update service reference materials—bulletins, manuals and publications.
• Evaluate tools and equipment to make sure they are in good working condition.

Quarterly Duties and Responsibilities:
• Meet with Service personnel to review ideas to improve efficiencies in the service department. Each person is responsible for coming up with one idea they can use to make the department or themselves more efficient and apply it during the next quarter.
• Meet with Manager to discuss improvement processes to be implemented during the next quarter.

Annual Duties and Responsibilities:
• Meet with management team to discuss year-end results, goals and objectives for the upcoming year.
• Meet with service personnel to discuss year-end results and to outline goals and objectives for the upcoming year.


Competitive Benefits Package Includes:

  • Retirement – 401
  • Healthcare, Dental, Eye, and Prescription
  • Supplemental Insurances (Aflac, American Fidelity)
  • Performance Incentives
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Rotating Days Off